Dare to Challenge Obesity

AP - 600 5 Stage Undersinck RO Filter System

Spend small amount only once and " Protect your Kids and Family members from Diseases".

Note : As we all know that all the diseases generates from Poor Quality of water, many parents prepare food stuff from baldiya water (corporation) which is not advisable for kids & elder persons, if you want to protect your kids and family members from future complications please invest a small amount only once and use ultra pure water for all purposes , doing like this i am sure your kids and family members will stay fit and also could save huge amount which was about to pay to doctors..

Standard Features :
All Parts Made in U.S.A, but Assembled in Taiwan
All parts are of very high quality. Installation will be very simple.

* 10" 5 micron Spun Fiber Prefilter
* 10 " Granula activated  Carbon Prefilter
* 10 " Activated Carbon Block Prefilter,
* R.O. Membrane
* Post Acivated Carbon Filter
* Booster Pump
* 24 V A/C - D/C Transfermer
* Flow Restrictor
* High Pressure Cut Off Solenoid Valve
* Low Pressure Cut Off Solenoid Valve
* High Pressure switch
* Low Pressure Switch
* Carafe Faucet and installation Kit
* High quality Tap shown in the picture will be Supplied with the System.
* Frame for Assembly.
* Tap to dispense purified water can be fitted any where near to the system in the Kitchen.
Ap - 600 Model ,
Production GPD = 50 or 75
Operation Pressure = 100 PSI
Machine Dimension (cm) = w 37xh45xD20
Booster Pump Operation = 110/220 50/60 hz. ( if not mentioned 220v 50/60 hz will be shipped)


Price for the complete Unit 950 SR ( fitting can be done by any plumber ), out side Riyadh shipment will cost 100 Sr extra

In Riyadh we are installing with nominal charges. please contact us for more info.


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