Dare to Challenge Obesity

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Hcc Package Users Testimonials

Hello Friends,

First of all I am very much delighted that by the Grace of All Mighty God  and our Companies CEO's years of hard work  & kind intention we are pleased & proud to promote these amazing products in order to make you healthy.after using these Amazing products, I was amazed to see the result & the very good feedback from my all customers including doctors as well.

Secondly, i received many health outcomes, plus, its having global Certification & achieved a lot of goals and satisfaction as well.

I am happy to share with you my own testimony.

May God Keep each and every person healthy for ever.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or inquiry.

Keep Smiling & try to Think Positive always 

Syed  Mohsin- "Helping People Succeed"

                     Health Care Centre

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This is Dr. Hakeem, practicing since 20 years in Al Dhawi Polyclinic. I know Mr. Syed  Mohseen since many years, upon his advice I took his products few month ago only, now I am happy to inform that all these products are really “Fantastic” because I loss 10 kg’s plus I control my lipid profile and hypertension at most to normal.

Secondly, My wife holding position as an accountant, was always feeling tired and fatigue because of work stress, after using “Hcc package products” she became very healthy and active in short span of time.

I really like to extend my ‘Thanks” to Mr. Syed Mohseen for advising these products to my family.

Kindly visit my clinic for any problem or treatment especially for the “Cupping” (Hijama Islamia) also to consult about Health Care Centre products as well.
Note: Give reference of Mr. Mohseen and get special discount for my treatments.
Dr.Hakeem-Al Dhawi Polyclinic
Timing : 5pm to 12pm all week days.

Mobile : xxxxxxx

Rowda 2-Exit 12-Riyadh-KSA 

I have suffered from constipation for many years so bloating became a usual effect. To relieve myself, I used suppositories. To make matters worse, my migraine attacks twice or twice a week. Oftentimes, I would finish a whole pack of headache tab once which relieved lets in a week or two.When I first started using program a, I took it for seven consecutive nights and then reduced it to twice or thrice a week. Now, . I take these product seriously because they were the once which relieved me of health problems. Now, my bloated feeling and my migraine attacks are gone. I would like to thank the Company and the person who introduced me to these great products to us.

DR. SAMEERA, 50, School Principal, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

To Mr. Syed Mohseen,    

 I would like to inform all our brothers & sister that after seeing the advertisement of www.healthcarecentre.biz, I contacted            Mr. Mohseen by phone, upon his request I transferred the amount in his bank, within 2 days I received the complete shipment & his master plan.

Now, I thank him for introducing me Hcc Slimming Program . It’s amazing product I never heard before such type of product. I used hcc pack for one week which helped me to take out all the toxins, also which is very easy to reduce our excess weight/ fat  without any difficulties in very short period. I used this program within week I  reduced 2kg weight, really I can’t believe this, I advise all  my friends and all others to take the benefit of these wonderful products. Really Mr. Syed Mohseen helping very much to the people to succeed.

 Ahamed-Mobile : xxxxxx

Purchasing Dept. Jeddah-Saudi Arabia

Dear Readers,

From India I came to Riyadh in order to  perform Umra, always my son was requesting me to start fat burning program, I was careless for long time & I was taking some packs in India. Now I realized that I was wrong, b/c during the  prayer, I was feeling like falling down because of my tummy & I was facing problem to sit on ground. As per Syed Mohsin’s  advice, within few days, Alhamdulillah I lost 2.5 kgs and now I feel very happy , active and flexible during the complete prayer. I don’t hesitate to inform you all that if you use all the products as per Health Care Centre advice you will become very healthy in short span of time & you will be free from toxins which are in your intestine also you can burn the excess fat easily.

I wish him Good Luck  in order to make the people healthy and wealthy as well.

Wali  Mohiyuddin, Businessman, India         

I used to feel weak, haggard, irritable, and constipated. I am also over overweight. With all these problems, my general health was far from good. . After a series of detoxification  I discovered that my long problem of constipation was finally gone. I take hcc pack regularly and i always drink it in cold water;not only does it taste good but it also relieved my constipation, physical weakness and my weight problems. I want to give my sincere gratitude to God for these products. More Power.

Mr. lejandro, 56, Real Estate Broker, Antipolo City.

 Hello Mr. Mohseen

I start using your weight loss program with program A, I took it for three days as instructed by Mr. Mohsin, and really it effects, I am felling very light in my stomach and my constipation problem is also gone, and  I feel more energetic and your product is start working on me. And I lost 5 kg I lose within 2 Two weeks of using this slimming program & i am still continueing.

Respect & Regards,

 Abdulaziz Khan- Tech. team leader-KSA


 I have suffered long because of my hypertension, arthritis and varicose veins. I am not getting any younger  so these difficulties have not only affected my work, but also my personal life. then i came to know these products so i tried some of their products and now, I take 1 ½ tablespoon  twice a day. I also hcc pack regularly. These products greatly helped in improving my health. Thanks to God Almighty for giving us these healthy products.

Rosalinda,53 Executive Secretarty, Al Barsha-Dubai

Miss SESI 33age.Accra, Ghana, Lecturer,

I used to be very constipated and anemic. I had to spend money on drugs to stabilize my blood level. Unfortunately, it did not help. I learned about hcc package & I saw a great improvement after a week of taking these products. Since then, I have decided to use it frequently as advised. I now feel great, more relaxed and energized. I am so thankful for introducing these products and bringing in Ghana. 

Lost  17 Kilos in 6 Weeks


Testimony for the Above Shown Picture.

I would like to inform you that before using the hcc plan I used to weigh 101 Kilograms and I had a  42 ½ inch waistline. When I found an add placed by Mr. Syed Mohsin to reduce weight, immediately I contacted with him and started their slimming program which was designed to use for a whole month. Daily I use to walk 1 hour in the evening and I didn’t even feel any kind of strain or weakness while doing all this.
I am very much happy to  inform you that I have lost 11.5Kgs only in  1 Month which is unbelievable and also a live proof for them who kept an eye on me through out the month.
 I would like to thank Mr. Syed Mohsin for introducing us with this miracle product. Last by not least my sincere thanks to all who are part of  making  this wonderful product..

With Best Regards,

Irfan Ahsan Farooqi-Riyadh-Saudi Arabia

Note; Mobile No. will be provided upon request.

 One Week Testimony

Dear Brother,

Upon initial start, I experience the urge to go to the toilet after taking hcc products, I was surprised to observe the frequency. I felt  less tired and more flexible I my limbs. I loss 2 kg in first week of taking the same,  for which I am very happy. The swelling in my legs because of “Varicose Veins” is also reduced. Also the stomach became very soft , I am still continuing the program as per  Mr. Mohsins advise, the result I will let you know soon.

MR. Malek-STC Co.Riyadh-KSA

Note: Loss 6 kg in 21 days.

Testimony without picture

Dear Mr.Mohsin, the main architect of Slimming Program

I would like to mention here that I have been using your products for the last three months.  I used to have Arthritis which required me to use some steroids that has resulted in gaining extra weight.  After using your products, I have not only reduced the extra weight but I feel very energetic. Thank you so much for  products with special mention to Hcc package
I would recommend that this package is a harmless therapy which provides full nutrition and the necessary proteins / carbo-hydrates to human body
Best Regards
Name and address with held.(Name can be disclosed upon his permission only).
From : Bank Manager-Riyadh-K.S.A


Before I admit that I did not have & idea about these hcc products & I also not aware of the so called healthy living products. Yet I can tell you that I used to be the kind of person who easily i gets exhausted & I also suffer from insomnia. A friend introduced me to these products & I tried  now, I am once of the regular users of these products & I can say that I feel much more energetic because of it, I can now sleep soundly because of these health care centre products. Now, I encourage others to try them and solve their health Problems, I would  also would like to thank the owners, founders & all the management & staff as well.

Wali, 48, School Director, Al Khobar, KSA

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