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Good News To Leg Disabled Persons.

Adaptation System for Leg Disabled Persons.

I have got Good News for you, if you are even disabled from both Legs, still you can Drive your dream CAR with our Amazing Technique , well designed Adaptation System, both Right Hand and Left Hand system available. upon your choice could be selected.

 we have the solution for you. A Small Amount can bring a big change in your life. Hurry up!

Specification :

Improved and may be operated by right or left hand.

The Breaks by forwarding pushing.

Mechanical acceleration by pulling down.

Avoidance of using some components as in traditional systems(gears and some other parts which hinder and disturb the driver especially in the thighs and legs area).

Equipped with a set of components with different sizes to allow the set to be fixed under the car control panel safely and visibly in order to avoid deformation of the lower converse inside the car where the driver can easily modify the vertical and opposite height. The height in the direction of driving wheel and vice versa and the have the speed control forward, backward high  and low according to that angle required for the palm of the hand.

The car can be driven easily by normal people without using the hand control system. Such advantages are not available when fixing most of other driving sets.

All set components are of high quality and manufactured in accordance with the best of European and American Specifications.

* Installation can be done within Riyadh Only,any other country you have to arrange, shipment will be sent by speed courier or air freight to any country.

Gift this Amazing and wonderful system to your friends and change their life. Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia is already sold a lot.

For Price and more details please contact.

Syed Sadiq Mohiyuddin,
Email ; ssm_sadiq@yahoo.com

Mobile No. 00966509823367

Saudi Arabia


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