A lot of the health-related problems encountered by modern man are brought about by the lifestyle he chooses to live. That is why even though man's body and his bodily functions haven't changed for the last couple of thousand years or so, numerous diseases have been constantly evolving and causing ill-health to mankind.

Primitive man's diet used to be simple but modern man's food intake is packed with a lot of unhealthy components - refined sugar, white flour, processed foods filled with antibiotics, hormones and preservatives. Inside our bodies, oxidized fats, cholesterol, free radicals and other such irritating components from the food we consume inflict harm to our bodily systems. No wonder colon cancer is now the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the US!

To restore our health to the most desirable state attainable, we need to eliminate the toxins which have accumulated in our bodies through the food we eat, the medications we take and the environmental pollutants we are exposed to. We need to undergo a major cleansing regimen and it should start with the cleansing of the colon (bowel).

Why start with colon cleansing? The reason behind this is simple. Most diseases originate from a toxic bowel, which develops when the food materials we have consumed stay in our bowels for prolonged periods of time. The longer the food stays inside our system, the more putrefied it will be and the more toxins it will produce. These toxins will eventually be released into the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body.

Imagine how many toxins will be produced when our bowels are constipated? If you move your bowels at least once per day, approximately three meals worth of food will be sitting in your digestive system at any given time! A variety of health-related problems may be in the offing if you are unable to have at least one bowel movement per day. Disease-causing viruses just love to thrive in these conditions!

As nature intended it to be, all the contents of the colon should be expelled regularly to maintain the optimal functioning of the body. However, due to the complex and unhealthy diet of an average person coupled with the unavoidable stress present in everyday life, most Americans develop several layers of toughened mucoid plaque in their colons. This can trigger the weakening of the body's natural defenses against disease-causing organisms since mucoid plaque generally weakens the body.

This is why colon detoxification is very important. Attempts at detoxifying other bodily organs will be futile if the colon is not given precedence. Why? Primarily because if your colon is congested and you attempt to detoxify say your liver or your lymphatic system, the toxins excreted from these organs will only get recycled into your body.

A good bowel cleanse comprises fasting (on water, fruit juices, raw fruits and vegetables), psyllium husk and/or seeds (or flax seeds), bentonite clay, salt water enema and probiotics.

It is essential that you take in a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fruit juices and water during the cleansing process to facilitate the regular and easy elimination of putrefying food in your colon. This will greatly decrease the chances of the survival of disease-causing organisms in the body and will enhance the digestion and utilization of nutrients in the foods.

Psyllium husk and/or seeds and flax seeds absorb water and expand in the colon to facilitate the elimination of toxins and excess mucus. Bentonite clay (a form of edible clay) acts in very much the same way. It is also necessary to include probiotics in the regimen to protect the population of friendly bacteria in the intestines.

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