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F A Q for Weight Lose Products , Terms & Conditions 

 1. Your Products are Approved or Not? & origin of these products?

A. Our Products are ISO Standard (Internationally Approved), plus, GMP, SGS Certified & BFAD ,Halal Certified as well. Origin is Malaysia.

2. What is your Product? & what is the procedure to take ?

    All Products are made up of 100% Natural Food Supplements. Phytofiber & Fruits powder. The procedure will be  sent with the product only which is very important to follow in order to achieve good result.

3. When I will know the Result?

    Result Starts within 14 hours.

4. Is there any Side Effect ?

    Zero Side Effect. Because its 100% Natural Food Supplement & Nature has no Side Effect.

5. Do I need to consult the Doctor?

    No need to consult the doctor, if you are not a Heart Patient.( b/c of low calorie food)

6.  Can you brief about the Money Back Guarantee?

   Yes, If you are not satisfied with our products within 5 days, then, you can return all the products in your own cost to Health Care Centre and your amount will be refunded to you or could be deposited in your bank within one week time by deducting nominal amount of only 150 Sr without asking  any question. But the products must be received within "One Week" from the date of delivery from our courier service & must be in same condition  ie  products must be packed . In case if the  packs are unpacked & sent then, the amount for that particular product will be deducted. Be informed that after One week "Money Back Guarantee" subject will not be entertained at all.

7. Can children of 8 years age can take to lose weight?

   Yes, they can easily take but must follow the program strictly.

8. Will I Gain Weight once I Stop your Program?

    No. you won’t gain weight at all, because your Fat will be converted to Ketone's for energy purpose. As a maintenance, its advisable to take  plan only once a week at least, or even that is not required if you change your life style.

9. What is it, it’s a tablet? Drug? and how I have to take ?

It’s a 100% Natural Food supplement, preferably  take with normal water to make as a chocolate drink.

10. Can I eat food during this weight lose program ?

      Yes! You can take but as per Health Care Centre's  advise only.

11. While consuming your Fat Burner affect my chances if I am trying to get pregnant?

     No. there is no scientific proof to back this. However pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid following our program, B/c the dehydration levels and nutrient intake may be inadequate.

12. Should I exercise when I am on the slimming program ?

     No. Its not a must, but its advisable to do exercise with light plan to increase the process of Fat Burning. Appox. 20   to 30 minutes per day is enough , but 40 to 60 mins. walking is a must.

13. Do I feel Hungry ?

       No you don’t feel hungry at all because our product is meal replacement therapy& reduces appetite for obese.

14. I am a Diabetic, & high blood pressure patient, but I am Obese can I take your program?

     Yes, you can easily take, and its good for you. Since our products helps in creating the Insulin and helps in lowering the blood pressure.

15. Do I need to drink water?

      Yes, you need to drink lot of water with our 3rd product , since your body requires extra fluids to eliminate the bi products of fat metabolism. 2 to 3 liter water need to take per day.Water does not actually cause you to lose weight.

16. I am pregnant can I take your Slimming Program ?

     Avoid during pregnancy. After delivery you can take if you are not feeding. See below

17. How much time you will take to deliver after booking over phone?

    After your confirmation over phone, we will take one to three days to send through courier within Saudi   Arabia. And 10 days approx. to other countries.

18. How I should pay you if I am in Saudi or I am not in Saudi ?

    If you are in Riyadh, you need to meet personally or you can deposit the said amount in our Bank account   (Saudi Fransi Bank ). If you are not in Saudi Arabia following payment processor's accepted : Wire transfer and Western Union. Now you can buy by credit card as well. there  link at our home page.

19. Can I buy from you and sell these products if I like to sell in my country with some extra profit or i may get more discount?

     Since our intention is to help the People  so, Yes, we will help and support you to help others to get the   
  benefit from our amazing products, for this first you must become the best testimony.

20. Are your Products Halal?

      Yes, all our products are Halal, & you will find  Halal certificate on  our products as well.

21. What is the procedure I have to follow?

     After buying the package we will provide the program which you must follow very carefully & regularly   for good result which is very simple.

22. What will be my Energy level during this slimming program?

     Your Energy Level will be more than the normal time. and you will be more active as well.

23. Do you have any Catalog for your products?

     Yes, we do have the Catalogs in both English and Arabic, but the original catalog will be send with your   package only. (in English or Arabic) 

24. Can i buy your products by "Credit Card"?
Yes, you can buy through Credit Card, there is buy Now button on Weight lose products page, from this you can use Alert pay account or Credit Card.

25. How many days it will take to receive the shipment after transferring  the amount in your bank ?.
  After confirmation of your amount deposition, we will send the shipment twice a week only. so within a week, at any moment you may get the shipment.
26. Do i get any omit or omitting sensation during this program ?
    No. 98% of the people did not get any omit, even if you have this sensation or even omit, then, it could be because you are tasting these chocolate and other flavors first time &  not because of any other reason. Later you will start liking it.

27. How can we get the Surprise Gift ? 

    To get our gift you need to send your Before and After Picture with the testimony about your weight lose as soon as possible by email to info@healthcarecentre.biz, if we find that your result is good and pictures are clear then we will send the Gift to you  if you are in Saudi Arabia which you need to collect at your door steps by paying delivery charges which could be appox. 50 SR. The decision of Health Care Centre will be final.
28. How can i earn "Extra Income from your " Extra Income Opportunity ?
     After buying our One Month Hcc slimming program your "Email id & Mobile Number " will be registered with us. Once you recommend our products to your  friends, upon buying One Month  prog. your friend has to provide "your email id and mobile number" to us which we are asking in the "Order Or Contact Us" inquiry form, after confirmation we are offering them 100 SR for Every Sale which is approved by HCC. The amount could be collected Cash or by Bank Transfer once in two weeks.( the Referrer must be our customer of at least "One Month Package and his  email must be with Health Care Centre). 
The Bank details should be provided immediately once you are confident that your friends have started buying the package from us. Maximum amount will be decided by HCC CEO.

I here by  "Agree & Confirm" that I read all the FAQ , "Money Back Guarantee" clause  &  about all the products details as well, i am satisfied with the information provided on site, secondly, if the products are effective, i assure that i will provide the testimony with Before & After picture (optional) as soon as possible &  i will never blame by any means to Health Care Centre  or the staff for any reason after buying the products.   Health Care Centre is allowed to use my feedback with my pictures in order to  make other people healthy as well, which i will provide by mail or telephone conversation. plus, health Care Centre will have right to take action against me if i go against the "Terms and Conditions".

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