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Brief Message to be healthy with the help of "Stress Management"

Dear Friends & My Valued Customers,

I would like to take this opportunity to "Thank my all customers for buying our products" secondly, I am  very  much  delighted to take  this  opportunity to share my knowledge  and feelings  with you .

My  main intention towards  you all is just  to  make you relaxed or to  keep  happy  always  or  at   any circumstances  including  bad  situation, in order  to maintain  your   good  health  always or to be  healthy  &  wealthy.

Before I  start ,  I  would  like  to  ask one simple  question.

Who is Rich?

a} A  person  is  having  5 million  $  in  his bank   but  doctor  advised him  not  to  take  sugar,  salt,  meat  and junk food  and  any sort of  stress?


b} A  person  having  average  amount  in  his  account  and  having   routine  or  middle  class  life  but  he is  very  healthy   and   always  smile  on his  face , he  is attending   all  parties   and   helping   others  subjects  or  problems   as well?

  I am  sure  most  of the  people   might have  selected   2nd  person , who is happy   always . Yes, friends  you are absolutely  right,  A person  who  is  Rich  but always  in anger    mood  and  not healthy   then  what  is  the  use  of  his  huge  amount?

Kindly note that   when  a  person gets angry  then  the hormones  will  be  created   which  effects  your  health  badly   and  when  a  person  becomes   happy   and  if  he  laughs  then  good  hormones   could  be  created , it  effects  the  body   to make  more  healthy. So,  dear  friends  kindly   try  to  be happy   always  b/c   Health  is   Wealth , if   you  loss   health  you  will   never   get  it  back, you can  take treatment  but  that   originality   will  not be  there ,  it is like  a  river  water,  you cant   touch  the  same   water   once  again.

I am   intending  to  motivate you or  to  train  you to  manage  stress . therefore, whenever   you  get  stress  just  have a  glass  of  water   and  wait  for  few  seconds  or  minutes  and  don’t  allow   bad  hormones  to  stay  in  your  body for long time ,  note that stress can not be avoided, it can be only managed, Just  welcome  these hormones   and  open the door   to go out as soon as possible, because   these  hormones  if   it  goes  to  hand or any  other organs of the body, our organs could  damage  many   things,  may  break  glasses ,  may  even  hit  a  person’s  and   may   do  lot   of   illegal   things   which  I  don’t  like  to  mention ,  I have seen people who were  facing big problems in life and not successful because of these bad hormones.

 So  please  try to be happy  always,  decide in the morning itself that you will spend the whole day happily, suppose  any  problems   causes   in your  life   including  your  duty ,  try  to  take  “Problems as  a  situation ‘’ b/c  if  you take  problem  as  a  problem   you are  taking   in a negative   way  &  note that  negative   energy  gives   negative  result  b/c  as   per   Newton  third Law  of Motion “ Action & Reaction both are equal & Opposite”,  each  &  everything  is  made up  of  energy  &   there  are only 2 energies,  Negative &   Positive,  if  you  are  talking the problem in a  negative  way you will  feel  your self   down   &   you will block  the  mind   which  is   having   the  ability   to create   millions   of   ideas   in   very   short   span  of   time . So  Take   problem   as   a  situation &  in  a  positive   way   &  start   focusing  on  finding   solution ,     This   way   you  are  allowing   your mind  to  think  &  you  will  solve  it   soon, . once you develop this ability the chances for stress will be very less, means the chances to be healthy are more. I don’t hesitate to inform you that even I am trying my best to follow these small stress management tools.

At the end I would like to add that when there is a question of treatment for your health please do not try to save small amount, at this moment you must consider the amount which is even available in your bank accounts and the other sources of income which you earn , because if you are healthy you can earn this amount back. you must know that Health is Wealth, I strongly believe that the food which we had and the cloths which we wore is only ours, even the amount in our pocket is not ours. 

Have a wonderful & Healthy Life, Keep Smiling.

Yours Sincerely,

Syed Mohseen (Ceo)

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