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Dear Friends,

In the very first beginning, we would like to thank Almighty Allah (swt) for inculcating in us the virtue of caring for others health.

Syed Mohsin, a down to earth person always had this feeling to think about the well being of others in all aspects of our daily life with emphasis on health Care.

He landed in Saudi Arabia in October 1997 and over the span of fourteen years had the opportunity to work with various organizations in high ranking positions to the level of Branch Manager. During this tenure he  got opportunity to meet with well known Doctors and physicians belonging to different faculties.

A day to remember came in his life, he was fortunate enough to meet the Minister of Health (Saudi Arabia) Dr. Abdullah Al Rabea during a Business conference held in Riyadh. As one of the attendees he was able to ave a hand –shake with honorable Minister and had a brief chat with him. He decided to present him with SPLINA in order to make him more healthy which Mr. Syed Mohsin was carrying which was actually meant for his father back home in India. Dr Abdullah Rabea accepted this from Mohsin. Further he had few more meetings with him In order to achieve inspiring energy and thank the Minister for every thing.

Thus, Mr. Syed Mohsin decided and took up as a challenge to cure “Obesity” in his loving Country Saudi Arabia first and later move to other countries where such cases are in plenty.

So far Mr. Syed Mohsin has successfully treated and cured huge number of Over Weight and Obese people including DOCTORS with the help of Natural ISO Std Products for which Health Care Centre Customers are conveying millions of Thanks , Praying , and Presenting Gifts to Mr. Syed Mohsin for providing huge support  to make them healthy also for his kind intension as well.

He has designed a Special formula called Master P4 program, which has become very popular and has brought fruitful result.

Warm Regards,

Your's Sicerely

Health Care Centre -Dare to Challenge Obesity


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