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 We are pleased to inform you that our mission is to help to contribute towards a better Quality of Life by making you Healthy and Wealthy as well.We believe that the meaning of Wealth is “Having Enough Time to spend our Money and Having Enough Money to Spend our Time whenever & where ever we want”. We are in the business of Creating and Providing “Opportunities” for individuals to improve the “Quality of Life” and to realize their Dreams or Aspiration in Life through quality and environment friendly products.We are in the business of People Helping People Succeed….

We believe in the philosophy “To live is learning to LOVE” and to serve our compassion. This is the way of reciprocating our creatures love.We believe that our Life is to Enjoy, people to be Loved, things to be Used and opportunities are to be Shared.We believed that caring and sharing is the best way towards progress & happiness as well.The fact that you are reading shows that you have taken the bold step for realizing your Dreams and Aspirations.Most of the people desire to establish their own career, but many do not know how to begin, unfortunately those who fails to plan their future. We believe that you  will be equally successful if we put the same effort & your success is determined by your efforts & my success is determined by my efforts.

In today’s modern society, weight loss and weight management have become increasingly popular trends, obesity, affecting both adults and children, has become a major world epidemic. This is supported by the latest survey conducted by the World Health Organization, which indicates that the obesity rate has steadily increased from 12% of the worlds population to 18%in the last seven years. Obesity or being overweight is not merely a cosmetic issue but a serious and life threatening problem. In many cases, obesity may lead to major osteoarthritis, infertility, breathlessness, depression and insomnia, and may cause complications while undergoing medical or surgical operations.Obesity is indeed a global problem that needs to be addressed. As much as it entails much personal cost to families of overweight individuals, obesity also hurts the economy of nations because it impairs the ability of obese world health parsons to produce and contribute the economy of development. The world health organization, expressing concern over in many parts of the world, warns that obesity increases the risk  of disability and deathly and requires focused prevention and control measures.Through extensive study and research, however, it has been proven that the best  way to reduce weight is through eating less and having proper nutritional diet.

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Mr. Syed Mohsin  ( Dare to Challenge Obeisty ) is doing this great job just to  bring happines in our community, Mr. Syed Mohsin is  tyring his best to make our community  happy & help them to succeed, we are proude to inform that many people have cancelled the surgery and lose weigth upto 13 kg's within a month by following his 6 yrs experienced advise, he has treated many doctors of Saudi Arabia, he dont mind spending his time and put efforts for the over weight people/obese persons who  trust Health Care Centre and seriously intending to lose weight. We strongly advice obese people to rush to us and just have "Faith on Allah swt " and blindly follow our advise..

Mr. Syed Mohsin expects your good wishes and prayers against his efforts and support which he is putting without much benefit of his own.

Allah swt notice our intention than action, so  we request you to "Share" our website link and join us to make our community happy. Many people cant even pray because of obesity, as a good muslim its our duty to help them to make them to pray, so plesase put some efforts & support us. Jazakallah for your kind intention and immense support.

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Health Care Centre


From Mrs. Julekha-Riyadh-KSA 

We are staying in kingdom from past few years.  During this tenure, my wife has gain overweight as compared to her BMI, nearly about 20kgs.  As she is housewife, all the time she is at home, no walking, no time for exercise.  Due to overweight, she was feeling very inferior, very bore and she was getting hypertension too. 

One day, just while internet browsing, we came across the advertisement of Mr. Syed Mohsin, regarding the weight loss program.  Just like others, we thought that it only money making game.  But when we read others people testimony on his website, than we decided that lets have a try on it.  Then , we make a call and arrange a meeting with Mr. Syed Mohsin.  We met Mr. Syed Mohsin, and he gave us a demo regarding how to use the package and he guaranteed us that the effect can be seen within the first day.  Finally, we took the products of weight loss program from him.  On the very first day, the result was in front of us after using hcc products.  My wife feel very lightness in her body.  And thus, the process began, within a month my wife lost 7 kgs of weight, which makes her very self confident.  During this one month process, Mr. Syed Mohsin, went India due to his business visit.  At the time of going to India, he gave his contact no. and we have contacted him in India also.  He is very generous, and a kind man, he guided us from there also over his mobile without any hesitation.

Now, the second month of weight loss program is going on, still my wife has lost 2 Kgs more, that means overall my wife has lost 9 kgs of weight in nearly about 43 days, which shows that the product is really effective and trustworthy.  I would like to thanks personally and behalf of other people which has got benefited due to weight loss program of Mr. Syed Mohsin.  He has just not help the other people in losing the weight, but also he has helped in increasing the self confidence of the people. "MAY ALLAH BLESS HIS KIND BLESSINGS ON     MR. SYED MOHSIN." – Ameen

Thanks & Regards, 

Aftab: Email : julekha_aj@yahoo.com-Riyadh-Saudi

Helpful video for Over Weight or Obese Persons - Must watch once in Life 

*****Mr. Syed Mohsin interview by KSA2 TV channel Riyadh KSA

 Veterinay Surgeon Dr. Khuraishi loss weight of 8 kg's within 21 days, Thanking Mr. Syed Mohsin - Live Video and Proof. ..           Click for more info. 

From Dr. Rabah, RKH Hospital- ksa

In the beginning, i met somebody in my flight to dubai , and he told me that he lose about 10 kg

 by using Health Care Centre Products, i wondered and i took Mr. Mohsin mobile after i came back

 from Dubai .

 i talked to Mr. Mohsin and i bought the Health Care Centre Package , my initial wight was 130 kg and now iam weighing

about 125 kg within 21 days thats amazing.

Dr. Rabah al Harbi . Anesthesiologist-RKH hospital-Riyadh-Saudi Arabia

One day Mr. Syed Mohsin was performing Umra, in safa marwa he found Mr. Abrar walking with diffculty with a huge tummy almost double than the picture one, Mr Mohsin observed &  felt sad & gave his business card to him,  Mr. Abrar visited Hcc Office and said, i was very happy to get your business card i said thanks to Allah swt for sending this person,  he purchased P4 package & started following Mr. Mohsin's advise and successfully lose 12kg in 40 days.

After One month Mr. Abrar met Mr.Syed Mohsin in Saniya Mosque again and said, just now i was praying for you wallah hi -because of you i became very active, healthy & i am praying salah easily now , i never forget to remember you in duwa he added.

Health Care Centre appreiciates his trust and respect and wishess him good luck for his healthy life & bright future.

Dear Brothers & Sisters

Its just not a feedback but the truth I came across about  the product for slimming MashALLAH          Mr. Mohsin is doing a great and fantastic job with all his efforts and pains to help out the people by this amazing and natural product to the people who really looking forward and conscious about there health which is 100 % Halal and most effective with no pains and with no side effects only follow up the routine and scheduled plan given by our brother    Mr. Mohsin actually I was hearing about this products since 2008 and finally I  buy this product  in March 2010 with full of enthusiasm and to my surprise it really worked Alhumdulilah my wife lose almost  6 kgs in 18 days I am happy with this and further I am going for 2nd month plan which I will receive with in 2days InshALLAH my sincere thanks to Mr. Mohsin May ALLAH keep his kind blessing and mercy upon him to achieve his goals Ameen
Javeed Khan KSA

Click here to see his email

 Mr. Shamsheer (Manglurian) Sales Executive Caterpillar Watch Co. Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

After seeing our site he contacted us and said he is going to get marry after 4 month and intending to loss weight before marriage, his weight was 98 kg, so Mr. Mohsin treated him for only 2 months and he loss 19 kg in One and Half Month by following Mr. Mohsins P4 plan accurately, after losing so much he was very much delighted therefore recommend his sister to use these fantastic products, she  too used our product and sister also informed Shamsheer that she lose 5 kg in 3 weeks. Mr. Shamsheer  left to India for marriage purpose with a promise that after coming back he will present  a nice Wrist Watch to Health Care Centre’s CEO  Mr. Mohsin.

 We Health Care Centre WISH  him for his Happy Married Life and pray Allah swt to   shower his blessing on him and his family as well.

Phone Number Mobile.

Cancer Survivor, Delia Naraja, 49 yrs, General Santos City.

I was a cancer victim, I was diagnosed to have “Uterus Cancer stage 4”. I also had a lump in my lungs due to complications. After I had my uterus removed, I underwent chemotherapy for one and a half year but the lump in my lungs remained, when I got to know these products, I started taking “these products” . After a year the lump has disappeared. These products are marvelous!, It is God gift for healing, especially to those who cannot afford to have expensive medical treatment.



 Hello Readers,

I  was working as an acupuncture therapist in india, I came to Saudi to open my clinic, now I am waiting for Ministry approval, in the meantime I came to know about “Health Care Centre Products”  which I found very beneficial, after using  I became very flexible and I detoxified the colon completely & Safely. You will know the good result  within a week, these products are very beneficial for skin problems & it also having other huge benefits, I recommend everyone to use all HCC products and get huge benefit of it.

Dr. Saleem- Acupuncture Therapist-Origin Kerala Riyadh-KSA-


 Mr. Sadiq, Red Chilli Restaurant Manager- Hara-Riyadh-Saudi Arabia. 

Got Huge Benefits from hcc Slimming Program of Health Care Centre. Like Huge Stamina, Loss weight 4kg's in less than 3 weeks, flexibility in complete body, also impressed about the products and sent to family who is in India  & got good response even from his wife and daughter after using it. 

Note: Latest testimony will be placed soon

 Mr. Sadiq, Red Chilli Restaurant Manager- Hara-Riyadh-Saudi Arabia.

From Dr. Irum Muneeb, Jeddah,KAA Hospital

Mr. Mohseen, Sorry, i am late to give you the feedback of my first week of slimming program.First week of detoxification went fine and i noticed visible changes of it especially the constipation problem resolved.  Now i have completed the second week also.Before i was 86kg and waist measured 31inches and now after completion of 1st week i have lost 4kgs and 1 inch in my waistline.It is really encouraging and gave me more strength to continue it.
           Now asking you one thing........i am doing ............Thanks 

Dr. Irum Muneeb, Jeddah,KAA Hospital

My weight was 154 kg's & my breathing was very less because i did not take care of my health properly, & i was becoming too much tired soon, then Mr.Syed Mohsin introduced these product to me from which i got good energy & i solved breathing problem, then after using these package of Syed i reduced 6-8 kgs within a month, now i am proud that i took products & thanks to   Mr. Syed Mohsin of Health Care Centre.     Abu Ameer, Cashier Of Restaurant  Rowda-2,-KSA - Mobile: 0566555502    

Mr. Rosa- Riyadh-KSA

We Love it and drink a lot, when ever we drink we play a lot & we feel some thing great on that day. Thank you Health Care Centre. From Ibtesam & Fawad-Riyadh-ksa Click for Products page

Dear Mr. Mohsin, The main architect of slimming program,

I would like to mention here that I have been using your products for the last three months.  I used to have Arthritis which required me to use some steroids that has resulted in gaining extra weight.  After using your products, I have not only reduced the extra 20 kilos weight but I feel very energetic. Thank you so much for  products with special mention Meals replacement therapy. I would recommend that Health Care Package is a harmless therapy which provides full nutrition and the necessary proteins/carbo-hydrates to human body.

Note : After loosing 12kg within couple of weeks, she traveled to U.S.A to join the kids and Checked the Kidneys there, found very healthy. Totally Loss more than 25 kg's by following  program once in a while not continuously.

Best Regards Bank Manager-Riyadh-(name could be displaced upon his permission only)

Note: Picture is not her own. just to mention about gender 

Hello Mr. Mohsin

I start using your weight loss program, I took it for three days as instructed by Mr. Mohsin, and really it effects, I am felling very light in my stomach and my constipation problem is also gone, and  I feel more energetic and your product is start working on me. And I lost 5 kg I lose within 2 Two weeks of using this slimming program & i am still continuing. Respect & Regards,

 Abdulaziz Khan-Team Leader Technical-Riyadh -Saudi Arabia-mobile No.  

I Contacted Mr. Mohsin over phone. Upon his request i transfered the amount in his bank, within two days i received the complete  Slimming progrm shipment from Riyadh and his master plan... Really Mr. Syed Mohsin is helping very much to the people to make them succeed.

Ahmed- Jeddah-Saudi Arabia-

One Week Program Testimonials 

Dear Mr.Mohsin

I trusted in your product and purchase it from you seeing your website and the comments from the other customers of yours.

I think my trust on your product was right, it seems its working. As of now its been 5 days using your product and feel great,fresh and full of energy. Thank you for bringing such a product which is help full for many of the people. Hope My weight will also come down very soon.



Mobile No.05441993966


Salam Alikum,

Dear Mr. Mohsin,I started my first week on slimming program Masha Allah its amazing I am feeling healthy & some visible changes in my physic, thank you Mr Mohsin for helping me Insha Allah i will start my 2nd week program.

Ayub Khan -Riyadh-KSA

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Visit our site Often for more improved way and effortless way to lose weight  100 % Naturally without any side effect. We are not responsible for any reason if you get products from other source or any other reason even. We are just trying our level best to Treat Obesity.

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Upon initial start, I experience the urge to go to the toilet after taking, I was surprised to observe the frequency. I felt  less tired and more flexibility I my limbs. I loss 2 kg in first week of taking the products for which I am very happy. The swelling because of “Varicose Veins”  in my legs also reduced,  Also the stomach became very soft , i loss 5 kg in a 21days, Mr.Mohseen supported me during the whole treatment, I am still continuing the HCC program as per Mr. Mohseens advice, the result I will let you know soon-Mr.Malek-STC Co. Riyadh

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 Saudi- Riyadh-KSA-Lose 6 kg in a month

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 Mr. Raheem Presenting GIFT to Mr. Syed Mohsin at his HCC office in Riyadh, Came all the way from Jeddah - Mrs. Raheem Lose almost 8 kg in a month approx. ( HCC appreciates his respect and wish them good luck for their succesful life)

Miss Marivic, 47,  Talent scot coordinator,


I've been taking  HCC  slimming less than a week,  My clothes are loosen & i lost  3 pounds. power slimming is the easy & safe way to lose excess weight. 

Anish - Manager-Riyadh KSA

I am a cancer survivor. About two years ago, i had undergone a colonoscopy...... my full 1.2 mtr colon was removed, now i am using these products to take care of my other intestine........


Brendo, 33yrs, Businessman Paranaque City.

I have been suffering from “Asthma Attacks” before, I was such a burden to my daily activities, I often experienced shortness of breath while doing presentations to my business group. My potassium level was also very low. My lower extremities always felt numb and I could not stand for prolonged periods of time because my knees felt very weak. Thanks to the CEO, Everything became all right after I started religiously taking It helps me a lot to restore my health. I can now endure heavy tasks and do my networking activities without the feeling of exhaustion.

  I have suffered from constipation for many years so bloating became a usual effect. To relieve myself, I used suppositoriesRead More Click Picture

Dr. Sameera, 54,School Principal

Al Khabar-KSA

 Miss SESI 33age.Accra, Ghana, Lecturer,

 I used to be very constipated and anemic. I had to spend money on drugs to stabilize my blood level. Unfortunately, it did not help. I learned about these products & I saw a great improvement after a week of taking these products. Since then, I have decided to use it frequently as advised. I now feel great, more relaxed and energized. I am so thankful for introducing these products & bringing in Ghana.

Read his testimony ?

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Romeo, 53, Masseur, Doha , Qater,

Before, I used to have a very poor digestive system, Most of the time, it has become really bothering and inconvenient especially whenever it happens to me in the mall or grocery, I always find myself running towards the nearest toilet. After Knowing I didn’t waste my time, I started reading and understanding the benefits of all the products. Soon, I experienced the miraculous effects for continuous intake. As a masseur, I recommend these products as the best partner for alleviating pains caused by Arthritis, High Uric Acid, and Rheumatism. Thanks to our CEO for these products 

Before I admit that I did not have & idea about health care centre products & I also not aware of the so called healthy living products. Yet I can tell you that I used to be the kind of person who easily  gets exhausted & >>>>>>

Wali, 48, School Director,

Al Khobar, KSA..Read More

Mr. Mohammed Jahangir, 45yrs Chef Dubai, UAE

I have had a cholesterol problem for a almost four years, I was on the borderline of reaching high cholesterol level until my colleague, it was splina Liquid Chlorophyll and Red Yeast Coffee that got my attention because of its properties that help normalize the Cholesterol level. I tried the products and after two weeks I felt its efficacy, My dizziness has disappeared and I became more energetic. As per my doctors diagnosis, because of my normal cholesterol level, I had  lesser risk of becoming diabetic. Thanks for introducing me these miracle products and I will continuously use and share these products to others.

Mr. Oscar  Morta, 57yrs.Businessman-Tacloban city.

During one of mine business trip to Mindanio, experienced the most painful ailment in my life- Acute Urinary track Infection.(UTI).I was rush to surigavo medical center past midnight because of excruciating. A doctor advice me to take some medication which included pain relievers for my arthritis and also some for HPN maintenance.  Despite this medication, I still felt much pain and also suffered from abnormal size testis. After knowing about these products, I started taking it , in just 3 days the pain subsided and my Testis returned to its normal size, it was not only my Urinary track Infection UTI which was cured but also my High Blood Pressure and my Arthritis problem, I Praise God for these products.Now, I feel so much better not only because of my health 

 Shipment delivery  in Saudi Arabia at your "Door Steps " & any where in the world could be possible insha Allah

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